WORLD*FRIENDSHIP*GUM it is a group of companies established in 1993-1994 & it includes several branches:

“Brandberry”- product launch under Private Label

“Gum&Candy”- product packaging

“Sigum”- product sales


Our assortment line is good quality chewing candy, chewing jelly & chewing gum under famous brands such as "LOVE IS..." & "TOM&JERRY"; also, there are products by our brand. For example, chewing gum “PLASTINKI” in the style of the 80s.


In each product line, there are different types of packaging that corresponds to demands of modern trade. In a case of necessity, we can supply trade equipment.  


On a regular basis, we hold loyalty programs in order to increase interest in our products.


We are ready to cooperate not only with small shops but also with national chains of Russia & CIS.


You can find our products as well as in retails shops & in big chains in Russia: Х5 Retail Group, Verniy, SemYa, Linia, Europa, Dochki Synochki, Kari kids, Korablik, Aromatniy Mir, Hyperglobus, Magnolia, Monetka & etc.


We export our products to Belorussia, Kazakhstan & Armenia.

Our aim is to create products that make you smile, can make good mood & give you a satisfaction of taste. A phrase “World Friendship Gum!” is not only our moto but also our philosophy & guide for action…


Do you want to work in a creative & interesting team? Please join us!